Small AirV translation agency office was renovated into bright and modern interior. This interior is a mix of old and new. 

White painted different textures of old bricks stands out from the new background of pure white aesthetics. Old brick walls were specially unveiled – after dismantling the old plaster, a messy masonry of different layers was found and it became an interesting texture and a kind of heritage of the old building.

We sought to create interior connection with the architecture of Vilnius Old Town, to infuse the renewed office interior into the existing street and district context and give the meaning to the combination of the old and the new.

The arches motifs in the furniture repeats stylish fragments of old town architecture. Beautifully shaped lights and stylish furniture elements enhance the effect. 

The chosen colour solution is a laconic but clear combination of several colours – a white background with black, dark grey, bright blue and gold accents.

Photos: Leonas Garbačauskas, 2021